Milk + Honey is a custom bakery and pop up shop that is invested in the local community. We are based in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area but serve the entirety of southeast Michigan and beyond. 15% of our profit goes to Ozone House, a local non-profit that supports homeless and at-risk youth, by offering free baking and life skills workshops for the youth in their Transitional Living Program.

Milk + Honey offers the sophistication of quality baked goods in an approachable way. We provide custom cakes and treats for events and you can also find our baked goods at our weekly pop-up. Our creations are 100% made from scratch and centered around those special feelings and experiences baked goods evoke–celebration and nostalgia and general loveliness–but with a modern twist.


Milk + Honey crafts contemporary buttercream cakes and baked goods for all occasions and celebrations like weddings, showers, and birthdays. We offer fully custom flavors and designs to cater to everything you’re envisioning, both in appearance and in taste. We cater to most dietary restrictions and would love to work together for your celebration!


Rachel, owner and baker of Milk + Honey, is a self-taught baker and has been baking for as long as she can remember. While she was living in Tennessee the summer of 2013, she started food blogging and baking every evening. That was when her passion exploded, and since, she has loved experimenting with creative flavors, voraciously reading cookbooks and food science articles, and pushing the limits of how much sugar she can take out of a recipe without sacrificing texture and structure. She is an engineer by degree, but hated working in the corporate world and quit her job to work in specialty coffee. Not too long after, she also began a six month internship at renowned bakery, Sweet Heather Anne, and continues to be an on-call cake decorator there.

Milk + Honey began in 2017 as a way to fund a homeless ministry that Rachel started with her husband to serve weekly breakfasts in downtown Ann Arbor for those in need. In early 2019, they made the transition to donate to Ozone House in order to increase community impact. Now that you’re up-to-date, we hope you’ll join us in the journey!